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Basic Information
Enter the basic information of the event and customize the image of the profile and the background. Also add a text that describes the activity. All this information goes to Internet search engines in order to make it easier for users to find it.
Name of the event without edition number. It is publicly displayed and it is important for you to be found
Format dd/mm/yyyy
Format hh:mm
Format dd/mm/yyyy
Event control number that will increment in each edit automatically
Edition number visible before the name of the event. For example: 18th, XXVIII
This is shown in Internet search engines: 2024
Select the disciplines of the event
Place where the event is celebrated. Write the population or place.
Write the street, exact location from where the activity or output takes place. You can mark it on the map.
Description and presentation
You can link a video presentation of the event. Copy and paste the link of a Vimeo or Youtube video
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